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Coco Jas

Coco Jas Crispy Roll Durian Flavour (100 gr)

Coco Jas Crispy Roll Durian Flavour (100 gr)

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Introducing the irresistible Crispy Roll Durian Flavour by Coco Jas from Thailand – a delicious treat that will transport your taste buds to exotic realms! Savor the unique and unmistakable essence of durian, the king of fruits, in every crispy bite. 🌟🍲

Backed by years of expertise in traditional Thai snacks, Coco Jas has become synonymous with outstanding quality and authenticity. With a commitment to premium ingredients and traditional recipes, they have earned a stellar reputation both in Thailand and beyond. 🇹🇭✨

Why settle for ordinary snacks when you can embark on a gustatory adventure? Sink your teeth into these finely crafted rolls and experience a symphony of flavors. The exquisite durian concoction is perfectly complemented by the delicate crispiness, creating an irresistibly satisfying texture. 🤤

Indulging in Coco Jas' Crispy Roll Durian Flavour is not just about culinary pleasure; it's about engaging with a timeless tradition, passed down through generations. Allow the aroma of this revered fruit to immerse you in Thai culture with every bite. It's like experiencing a slice of Thailand in your own home! 🏡🌴

Unearth the secret pleasures of Thailand with Coco Jas – a brand renowned for preserving its heritage and embracing culinary excellence. Their commitment to upholding authentic recipes, combined with state-of-the-art production, guarantees an unbeatable snacking experience you cannot miss.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself or someone special to the flavorful journey that Coco Jas' Crispy Roll Durian Flavour brings. Order now and make your taste buds dance with joy! 🎉🍽️🛒
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Vegetarian Information:
According to the information provide by the manufacturer this product is prepared without any products or byproducts of animal slaughter.

According to the information provided by the manufacturer this product is Halal. The manufacturer guarantee the ingredients used in the product are also clean and safe to be consumed by Muslim consumers.

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.

Halal: Yes حلا
Manufacturer: Coco Jas
Country of origin: Thailand
EAN: 8852959007744
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