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MR KONG Braised Sparerib Noodles - MultiPack (5 x 102 gr)

MR KONG Braised Sparerib Noodles - MultiPack (5 x 102 gr)

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MR KONG is serving up the classics and they never disappoint! Deliciously tender pork spareribs seasoned with a blend of Chinese spices and served over a bed of soft and chewy noodles. Perfect for an easy dinner with the family or for a delicious lunch to take on the go.

Dig into this comforting bowl full of intense flavor from classic Chinese ingredients. Every bite will be packed with succulent, juicy spareribs that get their melty texture from slow braising in traditional spices. Soft and chewy noodles provide the perfect accompaniment to soak up all those intensely savory flavors.

The convenience of MR KONG Braised Sparerib Noodles means you can skip preparation time yet still enjoy one of the best classic dishes around - no mess, no fuss! Perfect for lunch or dinner, just heat it up and have at it - simple yet enormously satisfying.

For a delicious twist, put your own spin on this classic dish by adding fresh vegetables and herbs to finish off each bowl. If spice isn't quite your favorite try topping it off with your favorite condiment - sweet or savory, hot or mild! No matter what flavors you’re intermingling, rest assured that these Braised Sparerib Noodles will always satisfy your cravings!

Try MR KONG's classic Braised Sparerib Noodles today – The only choice for deeply satisfying fried flavors with maximum convenience. Get yourself some now!

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.
Manufacturer: MR KONG
Country of origin: China
EAN: 6900873057993
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