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Korean / Chinese Jjajang, what, when, how?

By K Ramen  •   1 minute read

Korean / Chinese Jjajang, what, when, how?

Jjajang is one of the most favorite noodle flavours, we want to share with you where it came from and why everybody loves this Korean / Chinese trendy noodle.

Korean Name: 자장면

Jajang (자장; alternatively spelled jjajang 짜장) is derived from the Chinese word zhájiàng (炸酱), which means "fried sauce".

Myeon (면) means "noodles". The Chinese characters are pronounced jak (작; 炸) and jang (장; 醬) in Korean, but the noodle dish is called jajangmyeon, not jakjangmyeon, because its origin is not the Sino-Korean word, but a transliteration of the Chinese pronunciation.

The sauce, jajang, is made with fried chunjang with other ingredients, such as soy sauce (or oyster sauce), meat (usually pork, but sometimes beef), seafood (usually squid or shrimp), fragrants (scallions, ginger, and garlic), vegetables (usually onions, zucchini or Korean zucchini, or cabbage), stock, and starch slurry.

If you would love to make it yourself here is a recipe created by our favorite online Chef Maangchi : https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/jjajangmyeon


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