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Samyang Foods from South Korea

By K Ramen  •   1 minute read

Samyang Foods, established in 1961, is a South Korean food processing company with a focus on producing instant noodles, snack foods and condiments. The company is best known for its popular Buldak (which translates to "fire chicken") ramen, which has become a staple in Korean culture.

The company has grown to become the third-largest instant noodle manufacturer in South Korea, and has expanded its operations to include the US, China, Japan and other countries around the world. The company produces a variety of snacks and sauces, including the popular Samyang Cheese Buldak, which is a spicier version of the original Buldak.

Samyang Foods has a strong tradition of producing quality food products and has become a major player in the food industry. The company has been awarded numerous awards for its products, including the Korea Food and Drug Administration's “Korea Top Brand Award” and the Korea Productivity Center’s “Productivity Grand Prize”.

Samyang Foods is an important part of Korean culture and its products have become a part of everyday life for many Korean people. The company's mission is to provide high-quality food products to its customers and to ensure that they are able to enjoy the best possible culinary experience. The company also works to ensure that its products are healthy and nutritious, and that all of its ingredients are sourced responsibly.
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