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Spicy Miso Oyakata Miso Ramen

By K Ramen  •   1 minute read

Spicy Miso Oyakata Miso Ramen

Spicy Miso Oyakata Miso RamenIngredients:

1 OYAKATA Miso Ramen soup
Chicken breast or other meet of your choice
½ aubergine
½ pepper
1 chilli pepper
Sesame oil for frying
Finely sliced leek for decoration




Cube the chicken, aubergine and pepper. Fry all the ingredients on sesame oil with chilli (quantity of your choice). Add the OYAKATA Miso Ramen soup dissolved in 100 ml water to the pan and stir. Cook the noodles from the OYAKATA Miso Ramen pack for 3 minutes and then drain. Put the noodles on the plate and add fried chicken with vegetables. Decorate with chopped leek.


Source: https://oyakata.com.pl/en/przepisy-mistrza/spicy-miso-dish/

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