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Cung Dinh Kool

Cung Dinh Kool Crab Salted Egg Flavour Bowl (92 gr)

Cung Dinh Kool Crab Salted Egg Flavour Bowl (92 gr)

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Cung Dinh Kool's Crab Salted Egg Flavour Bowl is a delicious and authentic Vietnamese bowl that guarantees to satisfy your cravings! The delectable combination of crab and egg flavors provides a perfect balance of savory and salty goodness in every bite.

The Crab Salted Egg Flavour Bowl from Cung Dinh Kool's allows you to experience the classic flavors of Vietnamese cooking with the convenience of a single-serving bowl. Made with premium ingredients, this simple yet flavorful meal is sure to be an instant hit. With just the right amount of spiciness at level two, you'll enjoy restaurant-quality flavor without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Make meal time even easier with Cung Dinh Kool's pre-seasoned and pre-portioned Crab Salted Egg Flavour Bowl! The convenient single-serving size combines authentic flavours from Vietnam that you can conveniently enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Plus, its few minutes preparation makes it ideal for busy days on the go or even when you are looking to prepare a quick light meal.

Treat yourself today with Cung Dinh Kool’s Crab Salted Egg Flavor Bowl! Enjoy all natural savory flavours that will tantalize your tastebuds—order now and add some flavourful excitement to your meals with this amazing food option.

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.

How to make your soup Cung Dinh Kool Crab Salted Egg Flavour Bowl.

The easiest way to prepare your Noodle is with hot water from a water cooker. Pour the cooked water over the seasoning, till the line that is visible on the inside of the cup. Close the lid again and wait for 4 minutes. The noodles will change from a chalky color to a semi transparant color and when you lift the noodles with your chopsticks they look and feel curly & springy. When the noodles are cooked well, you can drain the water from the cup, be carefull because the water will be hot. Add the seasoning pack to the cup and use your chopsticks to stir everything well together one last time. Now the Crab Salted Egg Flavour Bowl noodles are ready to be eaten.

Make your noodles even nicer with some of the following: Boiled egg
Flavours: CrabEgg
Spiciness: 🌶️🌶️
Manufacturer: Cung Dinh Kool
Country of origin: Vietnam
EAN: 8936010681705
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