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Partnership with K-Ramen

Collaborating with K-Ramen: Your product in our Goodiebag, how cool is that?

At K-Ramen, we're all about collaboration, celebrating the fun things and sharing amazing experiences. We love discovering new products, and we're sure our customers do too. That's why we invite you to be part of our unique shopping vibe. How? Simple, by letting your products shine in our super cool Goodiebags!

Our Goodiebag is more than a simple 'thank you' to our customers. It's a stage, a spotlight, an opportunity for you to showcase your products to a diverse and vibrant audience. Whether you're a well-known brand or a small start-up, there's always a place for you in our Goodiebag.

And hey, do you know what's even cooler? We make distinctions! For our premium customers, we provide an extra luxurious Goodiebag. So if your products exude a bit more luxury and exclusivity, this is the perfect chance to shine.

From snacks and drinks to cosmetics and lifestyle items, if you think our customers will love your products, then we absolutely want to work with you.


Taste of K-Ramen: This opportunity is perfect for small businesses and start-ups who want to put their products in the spotlight. We'll include your products in our standard Goodiebags, which come with every K-Ramen order.

Flavor of K-Ramen: Want to give your products an extra stage? Then the 'Flavor' is the right choice for you. Here, you'll get the chance to stand out in our luxury Goodiebags, specially curated for our premium customers. This is ideal for brands that target more exclusive or high-end products.

Essence of K-Ramen: Going for maximum exposure? Choose the 'Essence'. With this, your products will be included in both Goodiebags. A fantastic way to maximize your reach and ensure both our standard and premium customers get to experience your products.

With these options, we can determine together which one best fits your brand and products. Whether you're just starting out or have been around for a while, there's always a place for you in the K-Ramen family.

Interest piqued? Here's how you can reach us

Excited to be part of our Goodiebag experience? Great! We can't wait to hear more about your products and explore how we can include them in our Goodiebags.

You can reach us by email at info@k-ramen.eu for all partnership proposals or queries. Don't forget to include some information about your products and your company.

You can also call us at +31 - 6 43 78 1300 during our office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 17:00).

We look forward to hearing from you and creating something amazing together!