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K-Ramen Sushi Starter Kit (2.65 gr)

K-Ramen Sushi Starter Kit (2.65 gr)

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Introducing the 'Sushi Starter Kit' by K-Ramen! 🍣

Unlock the flavors of Japan with our comprehensive Sushi Starter Kit, designed to help you master the art of sushi-making at home. From sushi rolls to nigiri, this all-in-one kit contains everything you need to create authentic and delicious sushi right in your own kitchen.

K-Ramen, renowned for its exceptional quality and commitment to bringing the best of Asian cuisine to your table, is proud to offer this meticulously crafted kit. With years of experience in supplying premium Japanese products, our brand is trusted by beginners and professionals alike.

Now, let's dive a bit deeper into what our Sushi Starter Kit includes:

🍚 Sushi Rice: Enjoy perfectly sticky, precisely formulated for creating the ultimate base for your sushi creations.

🌊🌿 High-Quality Nori Sheets: Our crispy nori sheets provide the perfect wrapping for your mouthwatering sushi rolls.

🍣 Wasabi: Elevate your sushi experience with this essential condiment that adds a spicy kick to every bite. 🔥

🍠 Pickled Radish: A delightful and crunchy addition to your sushi creations. Adds a burst of refreshing flavor and texture.

🌱 Seasoned Burdock: Experience a hint of earthy sweetness and a satisfying crunch in your sushi. A unique touch to your culinary masterpiece.

🍶 Seasoned Vinegar: Achieve the perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness in your sushi rice with our seasoned vinegar, an essential element of authentic sushi.

🌰 Roasted Sesame: Sprinkle a touch of roasted sesame seeds to enhance the texture and nutty aroma of your sushi dishes.

🍱 Free Add-ons:

🔪 Premium Bamboo Sushi Mat: Craft beautiful sushi rolls with ease using our traditional bamboo mat. Its sturdy construction ensures durability for long-term use.

🥢 Bamboo Chopsticks: Embrace the traditional Japanese way of enjoying your sushi with these quality chopsticks.

Experience the joy of preparing and sharing sushi while impressing friends and loved ones with your newfound skills. With our 'Sushi Starter Kit,' you'll embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a sushi connoisseur in just a few easy steps. Order your K-Ramen Sushi Starter Kit today and taste the authentic flavors of Japan from the comfort of your own home. 🌸🍱

Embrace the art of sushi-making now! Note: Product details come from the manufacturer or supplier. We don't guarantee their accuracy, and they may be outdated.

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Manufacturer: K-Ramen
Country of origin: Japan
EAN: 7423514716770
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