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Lotte Milkis Banana - Tray (6 x 250 gr)

Lotte Milkis Banana - Tray (6 x 250 gr)

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Introducing the delectable fusion of refreshing taste and creamy goodness - 'Milkis Banana' by Lotte from South Korea! 🍌😋

Unleash your taste buds with this exceptional beverage that combines the smoothness of milk and the irresistible flavor of sweet bananas. Whether you're a fan of milkshakes or just looking to try something new, Milkis Banana is the perfect choice for every occasion.

With a history spanning over seven decades, Lotte has proven itself as a reputable brand known for crafting exceptional and innovative products. From luxurious chocolates to delightful snacks, Lotte has consistently delivered high-quality goods that have become household favorites around the world.

Lotte's commitment to using premium ingredients shines through in Milkis Banana, ensuring a drink that tantalizes your palate with natural banana flavors. Each sip will transport you to a tropical paradise, leaving you refreshed and satisfied.

Indulging in Milkis Banana is not only an experience for your taste buds but also a way to connect with South Korean culture. Lotte's dedication to preserving traditional flavors while infusing a modern twist creates a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Are you ready to take your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure? Don't miss out on the chance to savor the creamy delight of Milkis Banana. Order now and let this delightful beverage transport you to the streets of South Korea, where flavors come alive! 🌆🇰🇷

Experience the true essence of Lotte's expertise by adding Milkis Banana to your cart today. Seize this opportunity to enjoy a refreshing taste that will leave you craving for more. Don't wait any longer – treat yourself to the goodness of Milkis Banana and elevate your beverage game to new heights! 🛒🍌
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Manufacturer: Lotte
Country of origin: South Korea
EAN: 809939073662
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