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Mama Seafood Flavour Cup (70 gr)

Mama Seafood Flavour Cup (70 gr)

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Mama Seafood Flavour Cup is your quintessential Thai seafood experience. A perfectly balanced mix of flavors, it offers a burst of umami that tantalizes your taste buds. Whether you're sitting in the comfort of your own home or at a restaurant, this halal-certified cup gives Thai cuisine like no other.

This unique flavor combination contains neither artificial ingredients nor colorings but only the freshest seafood fare blended with the best spices money can buy, to give you an authentic South-East Asian dining experience. At just two on the heat index, you'll be able to savor tender succulent prawns, juicy squid pieces and lip-smackingly inviting fish balls all culminating into one delicious feast for both your palette and appetite.

Feast on Mama's Seafood Flavour Cup today! With its pleasing flavors and reasonable price tag, it is sure to please even the most discerning food connoisseur. As an official member of Mama's catering crew, enjoy special discounts when ordering for bigger groups! Get ready for an unforgettable culinary thrill: try one cup now; it's bound to make you come back for more!

According to the information provided by the manufacturer this product is Halal. The manufacturer guarantee the ingredients used in the product are also clean and safe to be consumed by Muslim consumers.

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.

How to make your soup Mama Seafood Flavour Cup.

The easiest way to prepare your Noodle is with hot water from a water cooker. Add the seasoning pack to the cup and pour the cooked water over the seasoning, till the line that is visible on the inside of the cup. Close the lid again and wait for 3 minutes. The noodles will change from a chalky color to a semi transparant color and when you lift the noodles with your chopsticks they look and feel curly & springy. Use your chopsticks to stir everything well together one last time and your Seafood Flavour Cup noodles are ready to be enjoyed.

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Flavours: Seafood
Spiciness: 🌶️🌶️
Halal: Yes حلا
Manufacturer: Mama
Country of origin: Thailand
EAN: 8850987123405
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