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Samlip Fresh Udon Noodles (200 gr)

Samlip Fresh Udon Noodles (200 gr)

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Indulge in deliciously Fresh Udon Noodles from South Korean brand Samlip! Perfect for those nighttime cravings or lunchbox ideas, these Japanese-style noodles have subtle flavors that perfectly coat every strand. For a meal that packs flavor and texture, prepare the speedy noodles with some of your favorite broth and veggies or any other topping of choice for an unlimited plate full of possibilities. Forget about fast food, it's time to turn up the heat whilst eating healthy!

The fun part? Samlip Fresh Udon Noodles require no extra cooking experience to turn them into an amazing dish. Crafted with you in mind, our noodles are done just right - not too dry and not too wet either - they will bring life to all your creations! Cook them just a few minutes and add in the recommended ingredients - there’s no wrong way to make custom-made deliciousness. Make it yours by adding in some spices or the dressing you desire.

Enjoy instantly fresh udon noodles at home without spending precious time IN kitchen ! Try some Samlip Fresh Udon Noodles today for a delightful treat any day of the week – it’s sure to make everyone smile! Experience classic Japanese meals with satisfying flavors any time you want from South Korea's own Samlip. Don't wait any longer – get it now!

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.
Manufacturer: Samlip
Country of origin: South Korea
EAN: 8809059291290
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