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Maeil Korean Spicy BBQ Marinade for Pork, Chicken & Beef (840 gr)

Maeil Korean Spicy BBQ Marinade for Pork, Chicken & Beef (840 gr)

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Introducing Korean Spicy BBQ Marinade for Pork, Chicken & Beef by Maeil - a vibrant blend of flavors that will elevate your BBQ experience to new heights!

🌶️🔥 Get ready to set your taste buds ablaze with the perfect combination of fiery spice and smoky BBQ goodness. This marinade is specially crafted to bring out the tantalizing flavors of pork, chicken, and beef, creating a mouthwatering feast that will keep you coming back for more.

Founded in South Korea, Maeil has established itself as a renowned brand synonymous with exceptional quality and authentic Korean taste. With years of expertise in crafting traditional Korean condiments, they have become a trusted name among enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

🏆🌍 Maeil's commitment to sourcing the finest, all-natural ingredients ensures that every bottle of this spicy BBQ marinade bursts with unparalleled flavor. Made with a secret blend of spices, fragrant herbs, and premium Korean chili peppers, this marinade perfectly balances heat with a rich smokiness, giving your meat a delectable Korean barbecue twist.

Whether you're planning a cozy dinner party or a casual summer BBQ with friends and family, Maeil's Korean Spicy BBQ Marinade is destined to be the star of the show. Just marinate your choice of meat for a few hours or overnight to allow the flavors to penetrate deep into every delicious bite.

Unlock a world of captivating flavors and embark on an unforgettable culinary journey with this exceptional Korean Spicy BBQ Marinade by Maeil. 🔓🍖

🛒 Try it today and transform ordinary meats into extraordinary Korean BBQ masterpieces! Don't miss out on the chance to savor the taste of Korea in your own home. Place your order now and let your taste buds sizzle with delight!
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Allergy Information:
Gluten, soy, sesame

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.

Red pepper paste 24% (wheat flour, corn syrup, mixed spices (red chili pepper powder, salt, garlic, onion), sugar, soy sauce (soy sauce, brewed soy sauce, salt, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol)), corn syrup, water, mixed spices (red chili pepper powder, water, salt, garlic, onion), hydrolyzed wheat protein, pear extract, garlic, acid (E330), flavor enhancer (E635), salt, hot pepper powder, sesame seeds, black pepper powder, grapefruit seed extract.
Manufacturer: Maeil
Country of origin: South Korea
EAN: 8801791400138
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