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O's Bubble

O's Bubble Lychee Mango Green Tea with Jelly Popping Boba (480 ml)

O's Bubble Lychee Mango Green Tea with Jelly Popping Boba (480 ml)

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Introducing the all-new Lychee Mango Green Tea with Jelly Popping Boba by O's Bubble! 🍹🥭

Elevate your taste buds to tropical bliss with this refreshing concoction. Our carefully crafted green tea perfectly blends the sweetness of luscious lychee and the juicy tropical vibes of ripe mango. But we didn't stop there - we filled each cup with delightful jelly popping boba for a burst of fun and flavor in every sip! 😍💥

O's Bubble is no stranger to the world of bubble tea. As an acclaimed brand hailing from Taiwan, we bring with us years of expertise and a promise to deliver only the finest quality products. Our dedication to sourcing the best ingredients and using traditional brewing techniques ensures every sip is an experience worth savoring. 🇹🇼✨

Each cup is infused with the authentic flavors of Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea. We take pride in creating beverages that not only taste heavenly but also transport you to the vibrant streets of Taipei, every time you take a sip. With our Lychee Mango Green Tea, the tantalizing combination of tropical fruits dances on your taste buds, leaving you refreshed and longing for more. 💖🔥

So why wait? Treat yourself to the taste of paradise – order your Lychee Mango Green Tea with Jelly Popping Boba from O’s Bubble today! Join the legions of satisfied customers who have fallen in love with our delicious range of beverages. Sip into serenity knowing that with O's Bubble, you are getting the genuine taste of Taiwan delivered right to your doorstep. 🛒🌟

Unlock the flavorful fusion of lychee, mango, green tea, and jelly popping boba. Taste the difference. Order now and let O's Bubble transport your senses to tropical paradise! 🌴✨
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Manufacturer: O's Bubble
Country of origin: Taiwan
EAN: 850021166830
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