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Rico Boba Bubble Milk Tea Drink Original Classic (350 ml)

Rico Boba Bubble Milk Tea Drink Original Classic (350 ml)

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Introducing 'Boba Bubble Milk Tea Drink Original Classic' by Rico from Taiwan - the perfect blend of tea, milk, and chewy tapioca pearls that will transport your taste buds to the streets of Taipei. 🍵🥛💜

What sets this Boba Bubble Milk Tea apart is its vegetarian-friendly recipe, catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences without compromising on flavor. Whether you follow a vegetarian lifestyle or simply seek a tasty and refreshing beverage option, Rico's Boba Bubble Milk Tea promises to deliver a delightful experience to everyone.

Rico, a iconic brand in Taiwan, has a rich history spanning over three decades in the beverage industry. The unparalleled expertise of Rico ensures that each sip of their Boba Bubble Milk Tea showcases their commitment to quality and authenticity. Every element, from the carefully selected tea leaves and premium milk to the homemade tapioca pearls, is meticulously sourced to ensure a truly exceptional and indulgent taste.

Enjoyed by millions worldwide, this classic milk tea creates a harmonious symphony of flavors – the robustness of the tea elegantly balanced with the smooth creaminess of the milk, all complemented by the chewy texture of the boba pearls. Every sip is a moment of pure bliss, taking you back to the bustling streets of Taiwan where bubble tea originated.

Make yourself a cup of Rico's Boba Bubble Milk Tea at home, and let the flavors transport you to the vibrant night markets of Taipei or the cozy tea houses of Taichung. You don't have to be in Taiwan to indulge in this cultural delight, as K-Ramen is here to bring the authentic taste of Taiwanese bubble tea directly to your doorstep.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the irresistible charm of Rico's Boba Bubble Milk Tea. Order yours now and add a touch of Taiwan to your everyday life. Drink up, relax, and enjoy the sheer blissful pleasure that awaits you with every sip. 🛒🔥🌟
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Vegetarian Information:
According to the information provide by the manufacturer this product is prepared without any products or byproducts of animal slaughter.

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.

Flavours: Original
Manufacturer: Rico
Country of origin: Taiwan
EAN: 4710587185606
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