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Samyang Jajang Buldak Fried Noodles - MultiPack (4 x 140 gr)

Samyang Jajang Buldak Fried Noodles - MultiPack (4 x 140 gr)

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Experience the taste of a street favorite right in your home with Samyang's Jajang Buldak Fried Noodles! This Korean-made noodle dish packs an intense burst of spiciness but also boasts great flavor. Each package contains four servings, enough to satisfy even the most daring appetites. Take your taste buds on an East Asian adventure in minutes!

Inspired by the traditional recipe from Busan, South Korea, Samyang's Jajang Buldak Fried Noodles offers the perfect mashup of sweet and salty for a delicious and lip-smacking sensation you won't soon forget. The ginger-tinted creamy jajang sauce heightens its unique character, while its signature heat is sure to leave your tongue tingling as you slurp up every last strand. Whether you choose to mix it into a bowl with veggies and protein for added texture or make it as a side dish, this spicy treat makes ordinary meals extraordinary!

Go ahead and show off just how adventurous your palate is with Samyang's Jajang Buldak Fried Noodles – available now! Be warned: once you try this fiery creation, you won't be able to resist coming back for more!

Allergy Information:
Contains soy, wheat, egg, milk, chicken and beef

*Please double check the ingredients to make sure you don’t consume anything you don’t want to.

Noodles: Wheat flour (USA), modified starch, palm oil (Malaysia), activated wheatgluten, refined salt, migam S oil, guar gum, noodles added alkali (acidity regulator), green tea flavored oil, vitamin B2, citric acid. Soup: Purified water, refined sugar, Samyang soy sauce version {amino acid soy sauce (skim soybean: from India), raw soy sauce (skim soybean: from India)}, jajang powder SY, chicken flavoring powder, grilled chicken concentrate, jajangpowder, umami base S, habanero flavor seasoning , soybean oil, fried onion powder, powdered caramel (caramel color, maltodextrin), onion, red pepper seedflavor oil, red pepper powder, flavor base S, spicy red pepper base powder, garlic, onion powder, modified starch, Jimi-fortified broth powder, spicy seasoned pepper Flavor powder, Charcoal-flavored powder, Seasoned US, Jimi-fortified base powder, Vegetable flavor oil powder, decolorized chili extract, paprika extract, flavor enhancer, vegetable flavored milk, black pepper powder, chicken curry flavor base, chicken flavor powder, lactic acid bacteria fermented powder, dried Onion, dried bok choy flakes, seasoned beef flavored flakes.

How to make stir fried, Samyang Jajang Buldak Fried Noodles.

First the noodles need to be cooked, the best way to cook the noodles or ramen are made in a saucepan on a stove. Use a saucepan that can easily hold 1.5 liters of water, at least enough so the noodles will be submerged. Meassure 600 ml of water and add this to the saucepan. Cook the water on medium heat and wait till it come to a boil. Now carefully add the Jajang Buldak Fried Noodles noodles from the package to the boiling water and let the noodles boil for 5 minutes. The noodles will change from a chalky color to a semi transparant color and when you lift the noodles with your chopsticks they look and feel curly & springy. When the noodles are cooked well you can drain the water from the noodles, be carefull because the water will be hot. Now it is time to add the seasoning pack that is provided with the noodles and stir this well. The noodles are ready to serve.

Make your noodles even nicer with some of the following: Fried egg
Flavours: Jjajang
Spiciness: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️
Manufacturer: Samyang
Country of origin: South Korea
EAN: 8801073143807
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