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Sangaria Maruyaka Banana & Milk Drink (500 ml)

Sangaria Maruyaka Banana & Milk Drink (500 ml)

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Introducing Maruyaka Banana & Milk Drink by Sangaria - a dreamy fusion of creamy milk indulgence and luscious banana goodness, straight from Japan 🍌🥛. Get ready to embark on a tantalizing taste adventure unlike any other!

Sangaria, established in Japan since 1985 🌸, has been a pioneer in delivering authentic and premium Asian beverages worldwide. With its unwavering commitment to quality and unparalleled taste, Sangaria has won the hearts of millions of satisfied customers across the globe 🌍. This rich legacy of excellence is evident in every sip of Maruyaka Banana & Milk Drink.

Immerse your senses in the perfect blend of ripe bananas and smooth, velvety milk. Each gulp will transport you to a creamy paradise, where the sweetness of bananas harmonizes beautifully with the creaminess of milk, creating a symphony of flavors that leaves your taste buds dancing with delight 💃.

Maruyaka Banana & Milk Drink is not just a refreshing beverage; it's packed with essential nutrients too! It's an excellent source of calcium for strong bones and teeth while providing the natural vitamins and minerals that bananas are known for. And the best part? It's completely free from preservatives, ensuring a pure and guilt-free pleasure with every sip.

Don't miss out on this delectable treat! With its enticing aroma, smooth texture, and heavenly taste, Maruyaka Banana & Milk Drink by Sangaria is the ultimate indulgence for any time of the day. Treat yourself to a delightful break, boost post-workout recovery, or even elevate your breakfast routine with a burst of tropical goodness.

Quench your thirst for uncompromising quality and exquisite flavors - order your Maruyaka Banana & Milk Drink today from K-Ramen website! Embrace the quality and authenticity that Sangaria is renowned for, and savor the delightful harmony of real bananas and fresh milk 🌟. Take a sip, and let your taste buds thank you!

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Manufacturer: Sangaria
Country of origin: Japan
EAN: 4902179021502
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